Welcome to the Catholic Daughters in the great State of Texas

We welcome you to experience the many ways the Catholic Daughters of the Americas can enhance the spiritual growth of your home, parish and community through Unity and Charity.

The Catholic Daughters, more commonly known as CDA, began in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus. Please familiarize yourself with its formation, service, and goals by viewing our history by clicking here, or review the National CDA website at

The Texas State Court was established in 1917. We celebrated our 95th Anniversary with the completion of our fifth Habitat for Humanity build in June, 2012.

We welcome you to navigate through the events, projects and many ways CDA becomes a living tool for the Church today. Please join us. Please join one of the largest organizations of Catholic women in the world. We offer membership to women eighteen and older; currently over 16,000 court members. Texas has 230 courts divided into 61 districts.

For girls age 6 to 18, we offer membership in the Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas better known as JCDA with a current membership of almost 1000. They are our present and our future.

We now have six Campus Courts in Texas providing the opportunity of Catholic Community for young women on the various campuses in Texas and welcome its continued growth.

All our service is focused on spiritual growth; for both those providing a service, as well as the recipients. We operate under the seven prong wheel called the Circle of Love; Quality of Life, Youth, Legislation, Education, Spirituality, Leadership, Membership, and National Projects. Under each of these areas, the opportunity to serve is endless. It allows a woman to tap into an area of her interest, gifts, time and treasures according to what she has available at any given time of her life. Sometimes ones greatest contribution is praying for those women active with the current project. CDA has a place for young and old alike. It provides an avenue to value each member throughout her life as we love, serve, and protect the dignity of all life.

CDA strives to embrace the principles of faith, working through love and service in the promotion of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.